7 Effective Non-SEO Traffic Generation Strategies

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SEO is indispensable for website owners who want to generate traffic from search engines, but it’s by no means the only kind of strategy that can be used for getting more traffic. In this post you’ll discover 7 advanced non-SEO strategies that you can employ on virtually any website to attract more visitors. They are simple and effective.
Translate your website in another language
By translating your website you can reach out to a new audience that might be interested in your products. Assuming that your website is in English, a few major languages you should consider translating your site into are Spanish, French, German, Italian and Russian. However, do not use Google Translate or other similar translation tools. If you really want to win customers in foreign countries use professional human translation services.
Do small-scale offline promotion
An effective way to do this is to give away personalized items such as bracelets, t-shirts, mascots, bags, mugs,

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