5 Steps to Getting More Likes on Facebook

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Why should you encourage Facebook likes? Well, they make your fans more engaged with your brand, increase your website traffic, and enable you to do more effective advertising. Here’s how you can increase your likes.

Step 1 – Become an active member of the Facebook communityBe genuinely interested in other Facebook profiles, and follow them, and like them. and leave relevant comments on them. Discover who your most loyal friends are and check out their profiles and become closer to them. Also, when someone asks you a question, congratulates you, or criticizes you, on your own page or on other pages, always respond politely. Be friendly and personal. To effectively engage with your friends and followers ask questions, post polls, and request feedback. You will also want to publicly display your customers’ posts on your page timeline.

Step 2 – Entice people with gorgeous visualsFacebook posts and pages with eye-catching visuals get more likes and shares than those without.

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